Off-Duty CBP Rogue Stops School Bus & Confronts Students

Terrorizing the citizenry in his off-duty hours …

KVIA (3 Feb 2012):  EPISD names Off-Duty CBP Ofcr who Allegedly Forced Bus Off Road, Confronted Students

Officials with El Paso ISD issued a statement Tuesday afternoon naming the off-duty CBP Officer who allegedly forced a school bus full of basketball players off the road last Thursday night.EPISD officials say off-duty Customs and Border Protection officer 34-year-old Miguel A. Delgado Jr. was cited Tuesday for Disruption of Transportation. Delgado allegedly forced the bus off the roadway using his personal truck on February 2nd.After winning an away game, Henderson Middle School basketball players were having a happy ride back to school. But that joy quickly turned to terror when an unmarked truck forced the school bus to pull over on the side of the road Thursday night  …  Eventually, the school bus and the truck pulled over on the side of the freeway. Sylvia Chacon , who also stopped behind the bus, said a man who was wearing street clothes stepped out of the truck, flashed an official-looking badge at the bus driver and boarded the bus.”We’re all surprised, and then he’s all like, ‘Who threw (expletive) at my car?’” said Matthew, who did not believe anyone was throwing anything out the school bus leading up to the confrontation.Sylvia Chacon said she began fearing for the children on board. She got out of her own car and got the man to leave after threatening to call authorities.”You don’t know what could have happened. If he was having a bad day … what could he have done to the children?” Chacon said.As it turns out, the man is an officer with Customs and Border Protection, according to El Paso Independent School District officials.

KFOX 14 (7 Feb 2012): KFOX14 uncovers name of CBP officer who pulled over school bus:  Customs and Border Protection officer cited

KFOX 14 has uncovered the name of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who pulled over a bus full of middle school basketball players.   It’s been nearly a week since parents called KFOX 14 after they said the officer, not in uniform, and in an unmarked truck, boarded the bus and used foul language towards the students. KFOX14 has questioned officials with the agency, but they continue to be tight lipped.  At 4:27 p.m. Tuesday, El Paso Independent School District officials identided the officer involved in the incident as 28-year-old Miguel A. Delgado Jr.   Parents and students at Henderson Middle School said the officer was driving behind a bus late last Thursday when they said he flashed his badge, boarded the bus, and cursed at the students for throwing something out of the window and at his truck.  Tuesday morning, officials said the officer involved was on desk duty, but they wouldn’t answer any other questions  …  KFOX 14 has determined officer Delgado has the same name as his dad, who is also with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.   “Is he getting preferential treatment because his dad’s a supervisor,” asked Valverde.

El Paso Times (8 Feb 2012):  CBP officer being investigated for allegedly stopping, boarding a school bus while off duty

An off-duty Customs and Border Protection officer is being investigated by officers with the El Paso Independent School District Police Department and CBP Internal Affairs after he allegedly stopped and boarded a district school bus last week.  Miguel A. Delgado Jr., 28, was cited for disruption of transportation on Tuesday because he allegedly stopped and boarded a bus filled with Henderson Middle School basketball players late at night on Feb. 2 on U.S. 54 near Pershing. Delgado was driving his personal vehicle  …  The charge of disruption of transportation is a Class C misdemeanor. It is given when anyone intentionally disrupts, prevents or interferes with the lawful transportation of children to or from school or school-sponsored activity while they are in a school district vehicle.

El Paso Times (9 Feb 2012):  Customs officer investigated over school bus stop


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