ATF Conducts Warrantless Raid on Home Kicking in Doors and Terrorizing Mother & Child

The person they were looking for was a former tenant but local authorities, who also participated in the raid, had already been informed of that fact on two occasions.  That shouldn’t stop of bunch of thugs from kicking in doors and terrorizing the wrong folks at 7 in the morning.

Thus far this has only been reported by CBS channel 4 in Denver.

CBS Local Denver:  Greeley Mother Accuses ATF Of Terrorizing Her And Her Child (30 May 2012)

A mother claims Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents terrorized her and her 8-year-old child. She claims the person they were seeking no longer lived there.  The incident happened in the 2400 block of 18th Street southeast of Greeley. Amanda Griego claims it was a terrifying experience when federal agents and police just burst in to her home without a warrant or consent.

It’s called the RAGE Task Force, which stands for Regional Anti-Gang Enforcement. One June 13, 2010, the task force made 13 arrests in a major gun and drug sweep. It was at 7 a.m. when they arrived at Griego’s home looking for a woman named Angela.  Griego had been in the shower and her son Colby was in bed.

“They had guns, big giant guns pointed towards me,” Griego said. “They yanked me out of my front door, spun me around, cuffed me, went running through my house, kicked my son’s door in looking for Angela.”

4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger checked a database and a person named Angela was still listed as living at Griego’s address.

Griego has filed a lawsuit against the ATF and the Greeley Police Department.  “We looked into the situation at that time and discovered that our involvement in the entire situation was minimal,” Sgt. Susan West with Greeley Police said.  Griego said twice in the year before the raid she had informed police officers that the Angela they were seeking was a previous tenant and no longer living in the home.

Attorney David Lane is representing Griego.  “As far as we know they had no warrant to enter her home, they pointed rifles at her 8-year-old son, they terrorized both of them, and then they left,” Lane said. “That’s why we filed a lawsuit.”

Griego said her son still suffers.  “He says he’s never seen those kinds of guns before except for in video games,” Griego said. “Since they were all pointed at him, he’s still bothered by it.”

The Greeley Police Department said it investigated and said its actions were appropriate.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office said it will represent the ATF vigorously.  Griego said she never received an apology.

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