CBP detains and harasses 96-year-old U.S. citizen (ex Arizona Gov. Raul Castro) outdoors for 30 minutes in 97 degree heat

When you stop at their checkpoints in  the 100 mile border zone, also known as the “Constitution-free zone”, they are supposed to ask if you are a U.S. citizen.  If the answer is yes, they courts have said that you are free to go.

Former Arizona Governor Raul Castor was illegally detained and harassed and subjected to an illegal ID check and verification became he was very slightly radioactive after a medical procedure conducted the previous day.  He was forced to exit his vehicle and remain outside while it was searched without a warrant.

Arizona Daily Star:  Border Patrol detains former Arizona Gov. Castro after radiation alarm is tripped (June 23 2012)

The trip began late in the morning of June 12, with Doan driving Castro, a former ambassador to three countries as well as ex-governor, from his home in Nogales to a birthday lunch at the Mountain Oyster Club in Tucson.

Castro turned 96 that day, and he tries to stay inside during the heat of the day, Doan said.

They arrived at the checkpoint near Tubac a little before noon, and the agent immediately raised the medical question, Doan said. As it happened, Castro had received a medical procedure at Tucson Heart Hospital the previous day.

Apparently, the procedure involved radiation, Castro said, because the agent had detected radiation coming from the vehicle Doan was driving. In a brief phone interview, Castro said the procedure followed up an earlier pacemaker procedure he had in March.

Agents wear small radiation-detection devices on their belts, said Elyse Golob, executive director of the National Center for Border Security and Immigration at the University of Arizona.

“It has a very limited range, so it goes off at the car” where radiation is detected, Golob said.

The agent asked Doan to drive into the secondary inspection area, and she and Castro were directed to a shaded area beneath a canopy where a fan was blowing. At the time, the National Weather Service station at Nogales recorded a temperature of 97 degrees.

Doan said she asked if Castro could sit in the air-conditioned car, but the agents said no. He sat in a chair beneath the canopy as Doan grew unhappy with the situation and told the agents of Castro’s notable background.

“I wish they would have let him sit in the air-conditioned car,” Doan said. “It was too hot for him.”

The agents used a machine to scan Castro’s body, asked him to fill out forms, then finally directed them back to the car. But before they got there, an agent remembered he needed to check Castro’s identification, and he stopped him in the sun, Doan said.

Flustered, the ex-governor dropped his identification card and the agents offered to pick it up, but Castro insisted on doing it himself.

UK Daily Mail:  Border patrol detains ex-Arizona governor, 96, after finding he’s a RADIATION risk (June 24 2012)

A 96-year-old, former governor was held at a border control checkpoint in the searing morning heat after the agent found he posed a ‘radiation risk’ following his heart operation.

Raul Castro, former Arizona governor, was being driven to a birthday lunch by a family friend when the pair were stopped on June 12.

Anne Doan said Castro was detained for a half hour on highway I-19 in Arizona when the temperature was 97 degrees.

They arrived at the checkpoint a little before noon when the agent asked Mr Castro to step out of the car because radiation had been detected.

The day before he had been to hospital for  a check-up on the pacemaker he received in March.

Border Patrol had detected small amounts of radiation from the retired governor however Ms Doan said it was unacceptable that someone of Mr Castro’s age be held in this manner.

Although it was in a shaded area, Mr Castro was removed from the car while an inspection took place.

The veteran politician was subjected to a body scan and quizzed over his identity, Ms Doan said, causing him to become flustered.

Border control agents have been using radiation detectors since 9/11 in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks. However it has led to an increase in people with medical conditions being stopped because of the use of uranium in hospital procedure.

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