Assistant Police Chief and ICE Officer Jennifer Sedgebeer Arrested for Handcuffing Woman to Bed and Demanding Sex

The woman who was handcuffed to be bed was in the military and transferred elsewhere while the case was pending. She did not wish to return to San Angelo, Texas, for a trial, so Assistant Police Chief Ron Dooley was given 9 months supervisory probation as part of a pretrial intervention and the charges against him were dropped.

ICE officer Jennifer Sedgebeer was suspended from her job — reportedly for three years — but as far as is known she still works as a law enforcement officer for ICE.

Ron Dooley is now the police chief of Colorado City, Texas.

Associated Press (via Stop Police Abuse Now):  Lawman accused of cuffing woman who declined sex (May 5 2005)

An assistant police chief was placed on paid administrative leave after a woman accused him of handcuffing her because she wouldn’t engage in a sex act with him or a female federal agent.

Ron Dooley, a 15-year veteran of the San Angelo Police Department, will remain on leave pending the results of criminal and internal investigations, Police Chief Tim Vasquez said.

Jennifer Sedgebeer, a San Angelo-based criminal investigator with the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also was placed on paid administrative leave, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said.

The incident is being investigated as a reported unlawful restraint, a misdemeanor under Texas law. No formal charges have been filed.

Dooley told a Texas Ranger investigator that he, Sedgebeer and the woman spent time in a hot tub Sunday night and he handcuffed the woman after she “became emotionally upset and uncontrollable.” He said he left her in handcuffs for 10 minutes so she could calm down.

Dooley also denied asking the woman to do anything with Sedgebeer but told investigators the woman performed a sex act on him.

The Associated Press could not locate a telephone listing for Sedgebeer.

This is the first complaint the department has received about Dooley, Vasquez said. The assistant chief would have been within his rights to use his handcuffs if he believed the woman was a danger to herself or others, Vasquez said.

“We’re police officers all the time, whether on-duty or off-duty,” Vasquez said.

Another copy of the Associated Press article is here; a shorter excerpt is here.  Note that according to this Associated Press article, the woman did eventually perform a sex act on Ron Dooley.  According to current FBI reporting standards, this is rape and would be reported to the FBI as a rape.

Lubbock Online:  Ex-police official indicted in sex-rebuff case (July 9 2005)

A grand jury has indicted a former assistant police chief accused of handcuffing a woman who wouldn’t engage in a sex act with him or a female federal agent.

Ron Dooley was indicted Thursday on a charge of unlawful restraint, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison and a $4,000 fine, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported.

Dooley, a 15-year veteran of the San Angelo Police Department, was demoted and stripped of his title in May. He is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

Go San Angelo:  No trial for accused ex-cop (Nov 2 2006)

Ron Dooley, a former assistant chief of the San Angelo Police Department, reached an agreement Wednesday with prosecutors to dismiss the unlawful restraint charge against him in exchange for nine months of probationary supervision.

The agreement — known as a pretrial intervention and signed the day before Dooley was scheduled to go to trial in Tom Green County court-at-law — ends 18 months of delays in a case that first cost Dooley his rank as major and assistant chief, then cost him his job.

Dooley was accused of handcuffing a Goodfellow Air Force Base employee against her will overnight beginning May 1, 2005, after she refused to perform sexual acts on him and a female federal agent, according to an affidavit filed in Tom Green County state district court.

Prosecutors sought the agreement after the alleged victim, who has since been transferred out of state by the military, said she did not want to return to Texas for the trial, said Allison Palmer, Tom Green County first assistant district attorney.

“She asked me to enter into the agreement because she did not want to be put through a trial,” Palmer said.

Dooley does not admit guilt under the agreement, Palmer said, but neither can he claim to be exonerated — as he would were he acquitted by a judge or jury.

The alleged victim told police she was handcuffed for hours in Dooley’s house while Dooley tried to force her into performing sex acts.

Dooley countered those allegations, according to court documents, saying he handcuffed his accuser for 10 minutes because she “became emotionally upset and uncontrollable.” He also said the accuser voluntarily performed a sex act on him and denied asking her to engage in sexual activity with the agent. That agent, U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jennifer Sedgebeer, was reassigned to an administrative position within her agency and has been the focus of an internal investigation, a Dallas-based agency spokesman has said. The spokesman did not return calls for comment Wednesday to update Sedgebeer’s status.

Go San Angelo:  Colorado City hires ex-assistant chief (Nov 8 2008)

A former San Angelo assistant police chief who was indefinitely suspended from the force after an alleged handcuffing incident while he was off-duty has been hired as police chief of Colorado City.

Ron Dooley, who was suspended in 2005 after a misdemeanor indictment in which he was charged with unlawful restraint, has since won dismissal of the charge after completing a deferred adjudication program, and the record appears to have been expunged.

Colorado City’s City Council approved hiring Dooley on a 5-2 vote Monday, based on the recommendation of City Manager Steve Shutt.

“It’s kind of a he-said, she-said situation to begin with,” Shutt said, noting the lack of a felony indictment or conviction and the ultimate dismissal of the charge against him. “He’s extremely and highly qualified. We probably wouldn’t get him without the trouble in San Angelo. Maybe that’s manna from heaven.”

Jennifer Sedgebeer was last in the news in February, 2008, during a round up of San Angelo, Texas, residents with outstanding warrants  …

Go San Angelo:  Agencies ready to launch massive warrant roundup (Feb 1-2 2008)

If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals, you may notify the court or the individual. Failure to appear and dispose of these outstanding warrants will mean you are subject to being arrested any time, place of employment or home.

The information listed in this publication is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. The information listed was given by the individuals using these names and addresses.

–San Angelo City Warrants–


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