Daily Secret Service Peccadillo, #22

From the log of Inspector General tips, page 19 of 229, line 1 of 3:

Case Number:  C04-USSS-PHL-03209

Opened Date:  3/1/2004

Closed Date:  11/12/2008

Narrative:  An anonymous complainant alleged that (redacted) Division, (redacted) USSS, has stolen at least twelve laptop computers, a generator, and several industrial fans from the USSS. The subject has reportedly sold some of the stolen property and used some for gifts. USSS OIA reported that (redacted) (redacted) was interviewed by inspectors, made admissions regarding the theft of computers, and provided inspectors a signed, sworn statement. (redacted) (redacted) accompanied inspectors to (redacted) home where stolen computers were stored. Prior to leaving to return to USSS HQ, (redacted) (redacted) went to the bathroom and inspectors heard a gunshot. Inspectors found (redacted) on the floor and a 911 call was made.

Allegation Category:  Miscellaneous

Allegation:  Criminal Misconduct

Allegation Detail:  Theft

Action Desc:  Referred – No Reply

Disposition Type:  (blank)

Violation Desc:  (blank)

Allegation Type:  Theft of government property

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