Daily Secret Service Peccadillo, #26

From the log of Inspector General tips, page 21 of 229, line 1 of 4:

Case Number:  C04-USSS-PHL-04819

Opened Date:  5/5/2004

Closed Date:  11/12/2008

Narrative:  Complainant reported an incident involving Special Agents (SA) (redacted) and (redacted), USSS, (redacted) Office. SA (redacted) and SA (redacted) attempted to locate an individual named in a federal arrest warrant issued in 1999, resulting from a bank fraud investigation. Upon locating their suspect, SA (redacted) and SA (redacted) identified themselves and asked the individual to provide information. The individual refused to cooperate and attempted to flee in a vehicle, nearly hitting one of the agents with the vehicle. One shot was fired at the driver. The vehicle continued down the street, with agent following in their vehicle. The suspect exited the vehicle in another neighborhood and fled in a (redacted)

Allegation Category:  Civil Rights / Civil Liberties

Allegation:  Use of Force

Allegation Detail:  Weapon Related – Intentional Firearm Shootings / Discharges

Action Desc:  Referred – No Reply

Disposition Type:  (blank)

Violation Desc:  (blank)

Allegation Type:  Firearms discharge

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