Daily Secret Service Peccadillo, #32

From the log of Inspector General tips, page 30 of 229, line 1 of 4:

Case Number:  C04-USSS-WFO-04857

Opened Date:  5/13/2004

Closed Date:  11/12/2008

Narrative:  Complainant reported allegations of misconduct against Supervisory Document Analyst (SDA (redacted) (redacted))USSS (redacted), Services Division (redacted) ( SDA (redacted) allegedly mismanaged (redacted) personnel, perjured (redacted) while giving testimony in a high profile criminal trial, and may be involved in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate.

Allegation Category:  Miscellaneous

Allegation:  Non-Criminal Misconduct

Allegation Detail:  Management

Action Desc:  Referred – No Reply

Disposition Type:  (blank)

Violation Desc:  (blank)

Allegation Type:  Job performance failure

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