Update on Detention of Former Arizona Governor Raul Castro

I blogged previously about the Border Patrol’s inexcusable, abusive detention of former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro at one of their interior checkpoints, forcing the 96-year-old to wait at least 30 minutes outside his vehicle and then further harassing the U.S. citizen to produce identification and sign papers.

I’ve since found an excellent first-person account of the event by his travel companion and assistant, Anne Doan:

Nogales International:  Treatment of former gov. was appalling (June 19 2012)

Ms. Doan’s succinct summation:

This is the anger that exists with that checkpoint. We residents understand why it is there, but are reminded every day at how wasteful and ineffective it is. I am sorry, but in America, Americans should be able to drive from one city to the next without being detained and questioned by other Americans simply to file paperwork.

Another article has since revealed that this was the former governor’s third unpleasant encounter with the Border Patrol’s authoritarian thugs:

Salon:  Not first time Arizona governor stopped:  EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Ariz. Gov. Castro tells Salon he wasn’t shocked when stopped recently: It’s happened twice before (July 5 2012)

Nearly half century ago, working on the front fence of his Tucson horse farm in his work clothes, Castro was stopped by a passing Border Patrol car. The agents asked if he had his work card. Castro said no. When they asked whom he worked for, Castro referred to “the señorita inside.” The agents nearly arrested Castro until he showed them the sign by his farm entrance: “Judge Castro.” A former Pima County prosecutor, Castro had become the first Latino Superior Court justice in the state in the 1960s.

A decade later, the Border Patrol struck again.

“I once had a home in San Diego,” Castro said. “One day my daughter and I returned and were stopped by Border Patrol. ‘Hey, where were you born? I wasn’t about to lie. I was born in Mexico, I said. The guard starts questioning me. ‘What about that young lady?’ She was born in Japan, I said, during the Korean War. He thought we were being smart. He didn’t want to let us go.  In the meantime, someone came by and recognized me. Governor, how are you?”

If this is how the Border Patrol’s undisciplined thugs treat a sitting judge, sitting governor and nonagenarian former governor, what treatment should us ordinary Americans expect at their hands?

Previously blogged here:  CBP detains and harasses 96-year-old U.S. citizen (ex Arizona Gov. Raul Castro) outdoors for 30 minutes in 97 degree heat


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