Update: Info from Search Warrants in Wire Fraud Case of Ex Border Patrol chieft Terence “T.J.” Bonner

Only reported in the San Diego Union Tribune at this point …

San Diego Union Tribune:  Search warrants detail case against ex-union boss (Aug 24 2012)

Union records show that between 2004 and 2011 Bonner claimed lost wages for every single Sunday, every federal holiday, and night shifts for two-thirds of the year. He also claimed 14.5 hours of overtime lost wages for every single pay period in that time.  The warrant said that rather than doing union work Bonner was visiting a mistress in Chicago, going to sporting events or visiting family around the country.  He visited his mistress more than 100 times in that period, the warrant says. The woman, whose name was redacted in the document, testified before the grand jury in June 2011. She said she met Bonner in 2000, and on his visits he would spend a couple of hours a day on union business but the purpose of the trips was to see her.  In one 2006 trip to Pittsburgh, Bonner charged air fare, hotel and car rental to the union, as well as $585 for tickets, apparently to a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game.

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