Daily Secret Service Peccadillo, #44

From the log of Inspector General tips, page 40 of 229, line 1 of 3:

Case Number:  C05-USSS-PHL-04665

Opened Date:  1/13/2005

Closed Date:  11/12/2008

Narrative:  Complainant reported that SA (redacted) Filed Office, was working the (redacted) (redacted) (redacted) protective detail in Washington, DC, and was in the follow-up handling the MP-5 weapon at shift change. It is noted that the protectee was in a residence at the time and not on scene. SA (redacted) was reportedly unloading the weapon when one round accidentally discharged, traveled through the floorboard of the Suburban, and into the street pavement. There were no injuries sustained.

Allegation Category:  Miscellaneous

Allegation:  Non-Criminal Misconduct

Allegation Detail:  Accidents

Action Desc:  Referred – No Reply

Disposition Type:  (blank)

Violation Desc:  (blank)

Allegation Type:  Accidental firearms discharge

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