Mexico Protests Murder of Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza by Border Patrol Thugs

These thugs must be identified, prosecuted and imprisoned.

UPI:  Mexico questions Rio Grande shooting (Sept 6 2012)

The FBI is under pressure by Mexican officials to explain why a man grilling fajitas with his family on the bank of the Rio Grande was shot to death.  Conflicting versions of the incident Monday have emerged, but what is clear is that Border Patrol agents riding in a boat in the shores off Laredo, Texas, fired, fatally wounding the man in the chest and leg, the Laredo Morning Times reported.  The U.S. Border Patrol released a statement, saying the agents were “subjected to rocks being thrown at them from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande” in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico  …  Family members of the victim, Guillermo Arevalo Pedroza, 36, told Mexican authorities he was grilling food for his wife and two children. The group could hear agents pursuing someone in the water but were unable to tell what was going on until they heard gunshots and Pedroza dropped dead, the family said. His wife took him to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.  The man’s wife told Mexican authorities her husband was not throwing rocks.

Latin American Herald Tribune:  Mexico Condemns Citizen’s Killing on U.S. Border (Sept 6 2012)

“The information currently available indicates that a Mexican citizen lost his life after receiving a bullet wound from a United States Border Patrol agent,” Mexico’s foreign ministry said of last Sunday’s incident on the border.  The shooting took place along a stretch of border between Laredo, Texas, and the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo  …  Mexico has repeatedly said that the “disproportionate use of lethal force” by U.S. immigration enforcement personnel is unacceptable, the foreign ministry noted in a statement …  The number of Mexicans dying at the hands of U.S. Border Patrol agents has risen significantly in recent years.

Huffington Post:  Fatal Border Shooting: U.S. Agent Fires Across The Border, Allegedly Kills Mexican Citizen (Sept 6 2012)

Border Patrol spokesman Bill Brooks said Thursday that a group of people began throwing rocks at agents who were aboard a boat near Laredo, Texas, on Monday. Brooks says an agent opened fire toward Nuevo Laredo across the border.  Brooks says it wasn’t immediately clear whether anyone was hit by the bullets. Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department has issued a statement saying a Mexican was fatally shot.

Fox News Latino:  Border Patrol Shoots and Kills Mexican Citizen on Texas Border (Sept 6 2012)

A Border Patrol agent riding in a boat on the Rio Grande shot Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza, 36, two times, once in the chest and once in the leg, according to the Laredo Morning Times. His family said he was at the park grilling fajitas.  Arévalo Pedroza died at a clinic from the gunshot wound to the lung, Mexican wire service Notimex reports.  The Border Patrol, however, said the agent fired because his unit was “subjected to rocks being thrown at them from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.”

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2 Responses to Mexico Protests Murder of Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza by Border Patrol Thugs

  1. Joe C says:

    Another example of abuse of power by CBP Agents!
    When will they be liable?

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