Border Patrol Agent David Kermes: Who would have thought hunting people could be so much fun!

David Kermes is a real piece of work.

He first surfaced in the news in the PBS Need to Know documentary Crossing the Line, Part 2, where he was shown destroying humanitarian water supplies that had been left in the desert.

PBS Need to Know also brought to public attention David Kermes racist and since-removed Facebook postings, which have since resulted in an internal affairs investigation:

And as for border patrol agent David Kermes, just last week Need to Know was contacted by customs and border protection’s office of internal affairs, which is now investigating the agent’s conduct.

The department watchdog wanted to know more about agent Kermes’ Facebook page, which we reported had photos of migrants in the desert. These photos include a photo of undocumented immigrants with the caption, “Run, you little bastards,” and cartoons insulting the President of the United States.

David Kermes still has an active Facebook page, where he masquerades as a thinly-veiled American expatriate in Thailand, claiming to:

  • Be from Mombassa, Kenya
  • Have “studied at Nysmith School in Herndon, Virginia for the gifted” in Herndon, Virginia
  • Reside in Bangkok, Thailand

David Kermes in Facebook

Perhaps overlooked by PBS Need to Know and internal affairs is David Kermes’ profile at, where he brags about how much fun it is to hunt people:

 David Kermes Age 52 Plano Senior High School ' 78 Plano , TX Blog About My Personal Life After graduating, I went to East Texas State for a while. Did't care for college. Went to work for a small bank for a couple of years. After the bank I went to work for the Plano Police Dept. for a few years. Got married.....stupid. Got divorced.I went back to school. I was accepted to U.S. BORDER PATROL ACADEMY in 92. I have been in San Diego, CA. ever since working as a BORDER PATROL AGENT. Who would have thought hunting people could be so much fun! Not married and no kids. Having the time of my life!!!

David Kermes

This man carries a gun and a badge?

I wonder if his colleagues on riverine patrol on the Rio Grande earlier this week were also having a lot of fun hunting people?

The Crossing the Line documentaries by PBS Need to Know were previously blogged here (David Kermes is introduced to us in Part 2):



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6 Responses to Border Patrol Agent David Kermes: Who would have thought hunting people could be so much fun!

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  2. John doe says:

    The culture of xenophobia is exactly as it is depicted in the PBS video where David Kermes’ tirade is video taped and the angry female agent kicks over the water bottles with utter disdain. It is a culture of hatred and ignorance that is encouraged at this renegade border patrol station/ Sector. When the video was shown in a muster meeting, it was followed by a standing ovation of applause. I shudder at what the border patrol is breeding among its lower ranks. ” allow the meek to die of dehydration and praise the animals who wish it upon them…”

  3. Howard rosen says:

    Have U.S. investigators looked into the number of migrants who have died as a result of the Border Patrol’s focus of eliminating and/or destroying mere life-sustaining water caches? (As peIt is Border Patrol policy to destroy and or prosecute any person or entity attempting to supply foreign illegal subjects

  4. Josh Sims says:

    Mr. Kermes, I have learned from inside sources, has a class 3 firearms license which allows him to own fully automatic rifles and sub machine guns of which he owns a large collection. It is alarming to think that a person of such obvious mental instability and racist ferver can own several such weapons. All this in the same town that Jared Laughner, an individual with an eerie resemblance with officer Kermes carried out his murderous shooting spree where congresswoman Giffords was an unfortunate victim. I hope the ATF is closely monitoring Mr. Kermes.

    • San Diego says:

      David Kermes is an mentally unstable and abusive. I knew him years back and ended my friendship with him because of physical
      abuse, he threatened to do me in if I reported it. So to avoid that I did nothing.

  5. Kellie watkins says:

    I was unfortunate enough to have this piece of shit monster raise my sister and I. David Kermes was cruel and abussive. Some things never change. When CPS was called because they heard we were his punching bags they did absolutely nothing because he would have lost his job. Almost ten years later I decide to go looking for him and this is what I found. Maybe if CPS had done their job this monster wouldn’t have his.

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