Murder of Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza by Border Patrol Death Squad: Whitewash in Progress

If you thought there was the faintest sliver of hope that the cold-blooded murder of Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza was actually being investigated, please read the fine print under the headlines:

FBI spokesman Erick Vasys said his agency is investigating the rock-throwing as an attack on federal officers, while the shooting will be part of an internal review by the Border Patrol. (1)

The FBI is investigating an assault on federal officers which appears not to have happened (no evidence of such an assault in the video that has surfaced), while the Border Patrol is investigating itself with regard to the murder of Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza.  Any bets on the outcome of that “investigation”?

With regard to the agency that is being trusted to “investigate” itself:

  • The Border Patrol has had 138 of its officers arrested for corruption since 2004. (2)
  • The Border Patrol has had more than 2,000 of its officers busted for criminal misconduct since 2004. (3)
  • 60% of Border Patrol officers show signs of deception when they given lie detector tests regarding their possible criminal background. (4)
  • As of last Sept. 30, the DHS OIG had  2,564 open investigations for corruption and misconduct, the bulk of these involving Border Patrol & ICE personnel. (5)

And this sad group of misfits is being trusted to handle its own murder investigation?


(1) Casa Grand Dispatch:  Feds investigate border shooting; see also Center for Investigative Reporting:  Crossing the Line:  Corruption at the Border
(2-3) Written testimony of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Deputy Commissioner Thomas Winkowski for a House Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management hearing titled “Department of Homeland Security: An Examination of Ethical Standards”
(4) Washington Times:  Drug cartels step up corruption of U.S. border agents
(5) Center for Investigative Reporting:  Homeland security office accused of faking reports on internal investigations

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