Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie Killed by “Friendly” Fire

It’s all but official — the cowboys were shooting at each other. Better them than us.

Arizona Daily Star:  Sheriff: ‘Friendly fire’ killed agent Ivie — Evidence is called ‘indisputable’ in Tuesday shooting near Bisbee (Oct. 6 2012)

Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie was accidentally killed by a fellow agent in what investigators confirmed Friday was a tragic case of “friendly fire.”

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that the FBI reached the “indisputable” conclusion that it was friendly fire after doing ballistics testing.

The FBI hedged slightly, saying the investigation into Tuesday’s fatal shooting near Bisbee is ongoing but there are strong preliminary indications that Ivie was killed and another agent wounded as the result of an “accidental shooting incident involving only the agents.”

The exchange of gunfire occurred at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday between agents who were responding to a tripped ground sensor in the dark in a hilly, rugged area about five miles north of the border near Bisbee.

Cochise County Acting Sheriff Rod Rothrock, whose department is investigating the death jointly with the FBI, said Ivie was approaching from one direction while two other agents were approaching from a different direction. They had communicated and knew all were present, but did not anticipate encountering one another, he said late Friday.

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