Second San Diego TV Station Implicitly Fingers Justin Tackett as the Killer of Valeria Monique Alvarado (aka Valeria Munique Tachiquin)

Valeria Monique Alvarado, Mother of Five, Border Patrol's Latest Murder Victim

If anyone has a home address for Justin & Christian Tackett in Chula Vista, please post it in a response (responses are moderated and your response will not be public).   I will re-post the information in the blog if I can verify it.

They don’t mention him by name, but clearly they are referring to the same court case (Tackett v. County of Imperial) that we have discussed previously, and that can mean only one person — Justin Tackett, the plaintiff in Tackett v. County of Imperial.  Thus far at least two TV stations have been knocking on his door.

NBC San Diego: Court Docs Reveal Past Misconduct for Agent in Fatal Shooting (Oct 9 2012)

The U.S. Border Patrol agent involved in a deadly shooting in a residential area of Chula Vista has a history of job misconduct including allegations he failed to follow proper procedures of arrest as an Imperial County sheriff’s deputy.

The plainclothes agent shot and killed Valeria “Munique” Alvarado, aka Valeria Tachiquin, while he was checking on potential drug activity near Moss Street and Oaklawn Avenue on Sept. 28.

As the investigating agency, the Chula Vista Police Department refuses to release the agent’s name because investigators say they fear for the agent’s safety.  NBC 7 San Diego has confirmed the agent’s name and found court records detailing a history of misconduct when he worked as a deputy in Imperial County 10 years ago.

Those records show that between 2001 and 2003 the agent received disciplinary notices from Imperial County. He was asked to resign in 2003 and after doing so filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit in federal court claiming he was the victim of corruption and discrimination within the organization.  According to court records, the agent was cited for “dishonesty, insubordination, violation of or refusal to obey reasonable regulations, and incompetence. He was also accused of failing to follow “proper procedures of arrest, search, and seizure and treatment of persons in custody.”

Attorney Eugene Iredale said Alvarado was shot nine times in the incident. He recently filed a precursor to a wrongful death suit on behalf of Alvarado’s family.  “That was a person whom we have found was discharged– fired — from another law enforcement agency…for repeated acts of misconduct,” Iredale told NBC 7 San Diego on Sunday.  “It is beyond belief that the border patrol or any other law enforcement agency that did any background investigation would have hired him in the first place,” he said.

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