Border Patrol Agents Bungle Impromptu Stop of Stolen Vehicle: Suspect in Hospital, Vehicle Destroyed

How is a stolen vehicle a federal issue?  The information about this vehicle should  simply have been forwarded to the proper local authorities while the Border Patrol continued on its mission of protecting the borders.  Instead, the net result is:

  • Multiple personnel from the Border Patrol and F.B.I. were tied up for much of the day in the ensuing investigation.
  • The suspect is hospitalized (probably at taxpayer expense).
  • The stolen vehicle was destroyed rather than recovered.

These outcomes serve absolutely no public interest.

Why were they shooting at the suspect “as he kept going down the highway”?  At that point no one was endangered; the Border Patrol was just mad, apparently really mad.  That’s not a legitimate reason to use deadly force, although the Border Patrol often as not seems to think they need no reason at all.

Yes, it was so nice of the Border Patrol to rescue him from a fiery car accident largely of their own creation.

As usual the Border Patrol’s cowboy shooters remain anonymous.

WOAI:  Border Patrol agents shoot at man driving stolen car (Oct 9 2012)

A man who tried to outrun Border Patrol agents in a car stolen from the San Antonio area is now being treated at a local hospital.  He’s accused of trying to run over some agents near Encinal in his desperate attempt to escape.   It happened on a very remote part of Highway 83 where only natural gas pipelines dot the landscape.  Border Patrol and FBI agents spent most of the day investigating a half-mile stretch.

A Border Patrol spokesperson says agents ran the plates on a car and found it was stolen, so they stopped the car and got out to talk to the driver.  According to the spokesperson, that man threw the car into reverse, hit a marked Border Patrol car and tried to run over the agents.  Agents on the scene reported firing their weapons at him as he kept going down the highway.  The driver ended up crashing through a fence and hitting a tree, causing the stolen car to catch on fire.  Agents rescued him from the burning car. He’s now in serious condition at a San Antonio hospital.

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