Poorly trained, ill-disciplined FBI pigs raid family’s home, shoot unarmed 18-year-old girl Myasia Hughley, appears no search warrant was properly served

Fortunately it was only a minor wound resulting from a richochet, and the girl is out of the hospital.

Really sloppy shooting on the part of the FBI’s cowboys — 7-8 shots, all misses except for the richochet fragment.  It’s good that they didn’t score a direct hit on the girl, but these idiots shouldn’t be running around with weapons.

Aslo seems that no search warrant was actually served, since the occupants of the home have no idea why it was raided in the middle of the night.

WJLA:  Shots fired during FBI warrant search in District Heights (Nov 15 2012)

An early morning FBI raid has a District Heights family in fear. The agents came into the house and drew their guns at the family’s daughter, but she wasn’t armed.

“They almost hit my daughter, man,” says Emory Hughley. “If I hadn’t told her to go back in her room they probably would have shot her.”

Hughley says he was asleep in the basement when he heard a bang at the front door. His 18-year-old daughter Myasia was upstairs in her room with two friends who were spending the night. Around 6 a.m. he says he came up to the living room and saw 15 FBI SWAT agents coming inside, guns drawn.

“I’m shouting ‘Nobody is armed, nobody has a gun!’ and then all of a sudden I heard ‘She’s got a gun!’ and they just opened fire,” he says.

Hughley says he looked up and saw his daughter standing outside her bedroom in the hallway. Then he heard gunfire.

“I’ve got eight holes in my wall. One bullet went past my head, almost hit me, ricocheted off my brick wall and some of the shrap metal hit my little daughter in the back of her neck, all for nothing.” says Hughley.

NBC Washington:  Woman Injured by Gunfire in District Heights FBI Raid (Nov 15 2012)

Hughley said his son and two of Myasia’s friends were also in the house when a SWAT team of about 15 agents, fully clad in riot gear, forcibly entered the split-level home around 6 a.m.

As Hughley was emerging from his lower-level bedroom, he heard agents yelling, “She’s got a gun, she’s got a gun,” he told Bensen.

Hughley said his daughter was wearing only a sleep shirt when the agent fired, barely missing her head. One shot broke into fragments as it hit the brick wall, striking her in the neck.

Hughley said he didn’t know what the search warrant was for, but that the family didn’t keep guns in their home.

The FBI’s Washington Field Office would not specify what the warrant was for, and haven’t provided any further information. But Hughley feels that the amount of force which agents opened home was excessive and dangerous, he told Bensen. The brick wall has multiple bullet holes.

Huffington Post:  FBI Fires Shots During Raid Of Maryland Home Of Emory Hughley (Nov 17 2012)

FBI officials later said they were there Thursday to perform a search warrant, but didn’t divulge the reason for the visit.

However, MyFoxDC reported that this was part of a coordinated series of FBI actions at locations in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. The station maintains that four people were arrested in the other raids on charges connected to heroin dealing.

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4 Responses to Poorly trained, ill-disciplined FBI pigs raid family’s home, shoot unarmed 18-year-old girl Myasia Hughley, appears no search warrant was properly served

  1. spartacus zepeda says:

    yes, heroin is dangerous, but the fact is alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and hospital errors kill far more people every year than all illegal drugs. the war on drugs at this point is really just a jobs program and a war on the underclass. it began when prohibition ended in the middle of a depression and they needed to make something used by the poor illegal in order to keep those agents employed. why don’t we look to Europe and the harm reduction programs they use. the outcomes are far better and we won’t have trigger happy feds breaking into houses in the middle of the night and shooting unarmed girls.

  2. Charles Moakler says:

    War on drugs, war on pedophiles, war on left brained blond people, this is not and never will be a reason for a war on the constitution. The federal government is losing the backing of the people one incident at a time. Congress and the president still don’t get it that we think that these federal law enforcement agencies work directly for them. Silly us. And then they wonder where their negative approval numbers are coming from. After a full airing of the J. Edgar Hoover story is there anybody in America, the president included, who doesn’t fear the FBI? The surveillance agencies, the Border Gestapo, everybody just “doing their job” as they define it. “Dam the constitution, full speed ahead.”

  3. concern citizen says:

    If a person is armed (gun, knife,club) and is posing a threat to an officer than deadly force can be used to protect his or his fellow officers lives. The laws in this country does not allow you to shoot unarmed citizens even if you have a warrant in your hand.
    I don’t know what happened in this case but it does not sound good.

  4. concern citizen says:

    More people die in this country by the hands of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS than by our courts. So much for the DEATH PENALTY CASES.

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