Marijuana Smuggling Border Patrol Agent Aaron Anaya: “I’m fucked, you got me on video.”

San Francisco Chronicle:  News of the Day From Across the Nation:  Border Agent (Dec 4 2012)

A U.S. Border Patrol agent has been arrested after authorities say he used his patrol vehicle to smuggle drugs while on duty in Arizona, according to a federal complaint. Aaron Anaya was on patrol Sunday evening when he stopped along the international border, then loaded up several bundles of marijuana that had been dropped over the fence from Mexico, according to the complaint filed this week in federal court in Arizona.

KSWT:  Yuma Border patrol agent arrested for marijuana smuggling (Dec 4 2012)

Fellow agents busted him with bundles of marijuana inside of his border patrol truck. A surveillance plane captured it all camera.  According to this federal complaint, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Aaron Anaya loaded up his patrol truck with bundles of marijuana after three Mexican nationals tossed them over the fence to him.  Agents assigned to the Southwest Border Corruption Task Force were conducting aerial surveillance near milepost 192, between Yuma and Wellton.

The complaint states Anaya, assigned to the Wellton station, pulled up to the border fence to meet three people.  One person then climbed up the fence and threw three large bundles onto the U.S. side. The FBI said Anaya loaded the bundles into his patrol truck .  A short time later agents arrested Anaya. They found nearly 147 pounds of marijuana stashed in the back of his truck.

Salon:  Border Patrol agent arrested in smuggling probe (Dec 4 2012)

A federal criminal complaint says Agent Aaron Anaya was on patrol Sunday in southwest Arizona when he stopped along the international border. The complaint says people in Mexico dropped bales of marijuana over the fence, and Anaya loaded them in his car.  Authorities say a task force including FBI agents used aerial surveillance to track Anaya as he returned to patrol  …  He faces charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana and carrying a firearm — his service weapons — while committing the crime.

Fronteras:  U.S. Border Patrol Agent Arrested Moving Dope (Dec 5 2012)

As he was being arrested, according to court documents, Agent Aaron Anaya told the FBI agents, “I’m fucked, you got me on video.”  The case started Sunday afternoon. FBI agents with a corruption task force were tracking him as he drove toward the border fence near Yuma, Ariz. According to court records they watched as three men on the Mexican side approached Anaya and passed him bales. He drove off, the task force still watching him from aircraft. Anaya triggered a series of ground sensors and radioed dispatch that it was only him in his vehicle setting off the sensors.  He was arrested hours later with nearly 150 pounds of marijuana in the back seat of his Border Patrol vehicle.

ABC 15:  Border Patrol agent gets new attorneys for smuggling case (Dec 7 2012)

A U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of smuggling drugs while on duty has two new attorneys for his case.  Aaron Anaya’s motion for substitute counsel was granted Thursday and his scheduled detention and preliminary hearings were reset for Dec. 12. That gives Anaya’s new lawyers more time to prepare.

KSWT:  BP agent hires two attorneys to represent him in drug smuggling case (Dec 7 2012)

A new development in the case of the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agent arrested for drug smuggling.  KSWT News 13 has learned Aaron Anaya has now hired two attorney’s to represent him.

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