Warrantless Home Invasions: U.S. Marshals Service Terrorizes Apartment Residents with Armed Door-to-Door Raids, No Warrants

Louise Goldsberry

Herald Tribune:  Lyons: Police raid felt like home invasion (July 18 2013)

He was claiming to be a police officer, but the man [Louise Goldberry] had seen looked to her more like an armed thug. Her boyfriend, [Craig] Dorris, was calmer, and yelled back that he wanted to see some ID.

But the man just demanded they open the door. The actual words, the couple say, were, “We’re the f—— police; open the f—— door.”

Dorris said he moved away from the door, afraid bullets were about to rip through.

Goldsberry was terrified but thinking it just might really be the police. Except, she says she wondered, would police talk that way? She had never been arrested or even come close. She couldn’t imagine why police would be there or want to come in. But even if they did, why would they act like that at her apartment? It didn’t seem right.

Then, to the couple’s horror — and as Goldsberry huddled in the hallway with gun in hand — the front door they had thought was locked pushed open. A man edged around the corner and pointed a gun and a fiercely bright light at them, and yelled even more.

“Drop the f—— gun or I’ll f—— shoot you,” he shouted, then said it again and again, Goldsberry and Dorris say.

Half an hour of terror, no warrants:

They remained cuffed for close to half an hour as the apartment was searched for a wanted man who wasn’t there, never had been, and who was totally unknown to them.  They were shown his picture.  Then they were released, the police left, and that was that.

Meet the pig, Matt Wiggins:

Matt Wiggins was the man at the door.  He’s with the U.S. Marshal’s fugitive division.

I asked him what happened. He said they had a tip that a child-rape suspect was at the complex.

Not only did these pigs have no warrant to search Louise Goldsberry’s aparment, they did not even have any specific information that their suspect had any connection to her apartment:

That suspect, Kyle Riley, was arrested several hours later in another part of Sarasota.

The tip was never about Goldsberry’s apartment, specifically, Wiggins acknowledged. It was about the complex.

But when the people in Goldsberry’s apartment didn’t open up, that told Wiggins he had probably found the right door. No one at other units had reacted that way, he said.

Maybe none of them had a gun pointed at them through the kitchen window, I suggested. But Wiggins didn’t think that was much excuse for the woman’s behavior. He said he acted with restraint and didn’t like having that gun aimed at him.

You poor, poor, pig, Matt Wiggins.  You dress up in ninja suits and point guns at innocent citizens through their windows and then get all bent out shape when they defend their homes?

You’re a fucking pig, Matt Wiggin, a worthless fucking government terrorist pig.

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3 Responses to Warrantless Home Invasions: U.S. Marshals Service Terrorizes Apartment Residents with Armed Door-to-Door Raids, No Warrants

  1. Teresa Tachiquin says:

    Hi, the reason that I’m sending this email is to thank you in behalf of my family (Tachiquin) thank you for not removing the killer’s name,(Justin Tuckett) he kill my niece Valeria Tachiquin, this is been hideous. this coming Sep, 28 is going to be year of her death. Please pray for her children.

    Thank you, Again

  2. Charles Moakler says:

    To the Tachiquin family. As an American citizen I apologise for the behavior of people purporting to represent the United States Government. There are claims made by the government, in this case, that, if true, would make this event routine police operational procedure. The people I reference are not limited to the agent that shot your sweet Valeria. This includes the Chula Vista Police, FBI, and U. S. Attorney, that have conspired to cover up this case. The government’s position just doesn’t align with the known facts. The officer certainly was a ticking time bomb, the officers had no probable cause to detain, the firing of a weapon at a person that is retreating is unreasonable, but most of all, no law enforcement personnel nationwide or from any agency ever uses deadly force without uniformed officers present. It just isn’t done. Then there is the anonymity of the officer. There is probable cause for a criminal charge against a hireling of the U. S. government and they still refuse to name the person who did this? I’m sorry, that simply won’t do. He is not CIA and this was done to a U. S. citizen. This could have been me or you.
    Soon this event will be two years old. These plain clothed people are running around amongst us armed with a license to kill and the government is protecting them. This anonymous agent may well be on the street with the government squad as we speak.
    Again I apoligise.

  3. concern citizen says:

    You need a search warrant signed by a judge in order to enter someones home. The warrant list the address of the location that it can be used for. If the owners of the property gives voluntary consent to enter their home than they can do this.
    If these conditions are not met, a person entering your home could be considered a burglary (a felony).

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