Border Patrol: Anonymous Death Squads, Public Victims

Without public transparency and accountability, there is no justice, and the Border Patrol’s anonymous killers will continue to ply their deadly trade.

Listed below are some of the victims of the anonymous death squads of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency; the list is far from complete:

Infamous federal bureaucracy may be part of the problem, but the fact remains that the violent actions of border agents — who deal with a population of detainees who wind up back in Mexico, speak little or no English, and/or are too afraid or unsophisticated to complain — are cloaked in secrecy.   (SF Weekly:  The Feds Bury Border Patrol Abuses of Immigrants, But What’s Been Unearthed Reveals a Culture of Cruelty, December 15, 2010)

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